About Us

Our Goal: "To provide branded and quality Skin Care and Beauty Products to consumers at B2B prices."

We have been supplying the "business community" with beauty products since 1988. They have, turned around and sold the product to the consumers using their own websites, adding on enormous profits. Our website has been created to level the playing field for the consumer. We will ALWAYS beat the competition, even the "big names". Please support us, so we can grow, and service you better.

Kokopala.com was founded in 2013 to supply hard to get beauty products and brands. From the beginning, we have always strived to make "friends" first, then "customers." We believe, that is the secret to our success ... and, of course, on the side we arereally good at what we do!

There is no force that is more powerful than "love." We love our customers. They are our family! Not surprisingly, the business community has reciprocated and rewarded us richly and made us the number one supplier of high end beauty products. We could not ask more - we are honored and we are wise enough to know that without the support and love of our customers, we would be nowhere. We follow the Simple facts of life: Be "right thinking" and true - in the long run, it goes a long way. If you feel the same about life, then please join us.

Come, let's be friends and make it happen! 

Thank you!

The KokoPala Team.