Weleda Calendula Baby Lotion 6.8 oz

Cares for & Moisturizes Perfect for Moisturizing Delicate Skin Soothes & Protects from Dryness Certified Natural Baby Care
SKU: 8818
Manufacturer: Weleda

Baby’s delicate skin gets gentle moisture and long-lasting protection from this nourishing lotion. it’s a light, easily absorbed blend of pure organic and natural plant extracts that leave your freshly bathed baby glowing with soft, supple, moisturized skin that’s protected from dryness. biodynamic® and organic calendula flower extract soothes skin inflammation and wraps your child in a nurturing layer of warmth, like a loving hug. a light base of sweet almond oil ensures easy absorption of our moisture-rich formula, while beeswax smoothes your baby’s skin and protects from dryness. you may be constantly replacing outgrown clothes, but there should always be cuddly comfort in your baby’s soft, beautiful skin.